Carmino Ravosa

You Can Get Me For A Song


These are a few of the songs that I have written for young children on the subject of reading and books.

I also write songs on American history, the Presidents, state history, women's history, explorers, inventors, art, music, geography, ecology, holidays and many other subjects.

I am available to perform at school programs on these subjects and can write a musical or a song on your state or any other subject. In other words, you can get me for a song.

Sample Songs* files/Dr Seuss We Love You.mp3 Me a Story.mp3 Wind Has a Job.mp3 Puddle.mp3 and Toad Together.mp3 Book's a Magic Carpet.mp3

 Some of Carmino's new songs:                      

 On July 4th, 2011, two of my songs were included in HBO's Independence Day documentary "Citizen USA" directed by Emmy Award winning film journalist Alexandra Pelosi. This was my national television debut.

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